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  • Subduction Zone Observatory Workshop

    Posted 02/19/16

    Subject: Subduction Zone Observatory Workshop (September 28-30, 2016) – Apply Now Please consider applying to attend the NSF-sponsored Subduction Zone Observatory Workshop, to be held in Boise, Idaho from Wednesday, 9/28until Friday, 9/30. The workshop seeks a broad range of applicants interested in discussing the scientific motivations for an interdisciplinary earth, ocean, and atmospheric research program focused […]

  • John C. Jamieson Student Paper Award

    Posted 12/07/15

    I’m pleased to announce the establishment of the John C. Jamieson Student Paper Award, which has been provided by friends to promote the memory of John Calhoun Jamieson, formerly Professor of Geophysics at the University of Chicago, and the contributions that he has made to the field of mineral physics research. Please look out for […]

  • Congratulations Chang and Zhang

    Posted 09/18/15

    MRP Awards the 2015 Graduate Student Research Award to Chang and Zhang.

  • Congratulations Nicolas Brantut


    MRP Awards 2015 Early Career Award to Nicolas Brantut

  • Call For Nominations

    Posted 02/11/15

    Early career Award Deadline: 15 April 2015 More Details Here.

  • Synthetic diamond opens windows into the deep Earth

    Posted 11/25/14

    This AGU Eos feature article describes the critical role of synthetic diamonds in researching the properties of the deep Earth. The physical properties and features of the synthetic diamonds allow scientists to study materials at pressure-temperature conditions ranging from those at Earth’s surface to those at the very center of the Earth. In essence, these […]

  • Nomination timeline for AGU Fellows and Honors:


    15 January–15 March 2013 More Details Here.

  • Have you made MRP one of your affiliations at AGU?


    Did you know that you can make the Mineral and Rock Physics Section your primary affiliation at AGU? Choosing MRP as one of your affiliations means you will receive all MRP-related email messages and announcements and strengthens the voice of your section within AGU. To change your affiliation today, go to AGU member services, enter the […]

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