Annual Donors


Donors who support the Mineral and Rock Physics Section Fund and the John C. Jamieson Student Paper Award Fund lay the foundation of support that helps MRP move our outstanding programming and initiatives forward. We are proud to thank the many members of the AGU and MRP community who support us.

Thank you!


Andrew Campbell
Ian Jackson
Robert C. Liebermann
Robert N. Schock


Judith Savaso Chester
Reid F. Cooper
Alfred G. Duba
Demian M. Saffer
Joseph R. Smyth

FRIENDS OF AGU* (under $50)

Frederick M. Chester
Ulrich Faul
Lars N. Hansen
Baosheng Li

*The donor listing above reflects giving to the MRP Fund and the Jamieson Fund between 1.1.2016 and 3.15.2016. Many donors give to more than one fund. For a complete listing of AGU donors please visit the 2016 Annual Donors Web site. For more information about this listing please contact the AGU Development Department at

Last updated 3.16.2016

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